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H & R Block Tax Return

H & R Block Tax Software - There is really one name that is synonymous with filing tax returns in America. H&R Block is the most trusted name in tax filing services and software.

You can use the H&R Block tax software for free by filing online through the H&R Block tax site, or buy and download the tax software to file online via eFile - or use it to file your taxes via hard copy and mail. In any case you'll have the top rated tax software for business or personal use.

H&R Block tax software is guaranteed to be accurate. In fact, they guarantee it or they'll reimburse the penalties and interest charges on errors. H&R Block also provides the worry free tax audit service and support. 

Although it is highly unlikely that you would be audited - in the event you are H&R Block offers audit support to you. Helps you prepare, helps you understand why you are being audited, and helps with what kind of response you should have ready when you appear for the IRS audit.

With H&R Block at home premium tax software you get one session of live tax advice from the H&R team of tax experts, You'll have the most thorough and up to date tax codes, available tax write offs, tax credits, and more - all prepared in an easy question and answer format that assures you'll get the most accurate and generous refund.

We like the H&R home tax software because it's easy to download, provides all the tools you need to file both federal and state tax returns, and it keeps all the data stored on your computer so next year when you start the tax return it imports all the carryover stuff automatically - which is a big time saver.

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