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JourneyEd Discount Teacher + Student Software Store -- Since 1990, JourneyEd as part of the Digital River educational services group has been the leading marketer of software for education including K-12 as well as post secondary schools. The products are top sellers amongst students, educational institutions, school districts and teachers - for one main reason - the prices here are about 85% less than you would pay anywhere else!

There is power in numbers and JourneyEd uses that buying power to drive down the cost of software for its customers. Operating over 15,000 e-stores for schools and colleges across the United States brings buying power that no one else can provide. And there are no off brand name products here - you'll only find original products from the best names in software including Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Corel, Microsoft, etc.

Software categories include Animation & Modeling, Business & Productivity, Digital Video, Engineering & CAD, Health & Sciences, Language Arts, Math, Music & Audio, Programming, Film & TV Production, Security, Test Prep, Training, Utilities, Web Publishing, and more.

The JourneyEd company started with a mission to drive down the cost for students and educators and they've succeeded. By concentrating on just the software titles students and educators use the most, they honed that buying power into major discounts. Today, JourneyEd products are found at college book stores throughout the country, sold via Barnes and Noble book stores, as well as hundreds of independent educational providers throughout the United States.

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