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Green Mattresses

Keetsa Eco Friendly Mattresses - Keetsa makes a line of mattresses that are affordable and good for the environment. Shop Keetsa mattress sizes and models from single to California King sizes.

Keetsa is known for innovative sleep products from mattresses to box springs and steel bed frames that last forever.

The best selling bed frame is the Keetsa steel bed frame that provides storage under the bed as well as assures good ventilation. The design is unique for several reasons but one of the best features is you will need no tools to assemble or disassemble the bed frame.

The Keetsa comfort layers are great if you just want to add comfort to your existing bed without buying a new mattress. Each comes all natural and protects against bacteria and assures your mattress cover stays fresh. In fact, the mattresses are made with a green tea that prevents odor.

Mattresses over time can be infected with millions of dust mites and other parasites that cannot be seen. These mattresses and mattress covers prevent that from happening in your home.

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